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NanoWattICs is committed to satisfying its customers' needs in custom IC design for ultra-low-power, safety-critical, analog and mixed-signal applications. Projects can range from complete Application-Specific ICs (ASIC) solutions for OEMs to stand-alone cells custom-designed to specifications from other design houses, often complementing their expertise with our deep know-how in ultra-low-power design.

In addition to our IC design services, we can manage any IC development through the entire product design cycle providing a single interface for the customer to get their chips “done right the first time”. Among the activities we can manage are: feasibility studies, translation of requirements, foundry submission, fabrication, packaging, prototype testing, documentation, certifications, and production. We also provide System-Level Engineering Services (Hardware, Software and Firmware) which allows us to handle full product development if required by the customer.

Founded in 2007, our Design Center is located in Montevideo, Uruguay, with customer representation in North America. Our world-class Engineering Team, besides providing remarkable expertise in IC Design for ultra-low-power, safety-critical applications, also possesses extensive experience in relevant fields of knowledge such as System-Level Engineering using discrete components, In-Vivo Testing, Bio-MEMS and In-Vitro Diagnostics. A flat company structure allows us to offer competitive pricing, making us the best outsourcing partner for your ultra-low-power ASIC needs and safety-critical product development.

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