Main Expertise

Our main expertise is in the area of ultra-low-power mixed-signal ASICs using Bulk/SOI CMOS, HV CMOS-compatible and BiCMOS technologies, particularly for safety-critical applications. We also provide Board and System-Level Engineering Services including Hardware, Software and Firmware.

One characteristic that really set us apart from the rest of the design companies world-wide is the “know how” of designing power "aware" custom CMOS analog ICs by optimizing the design through architecture selection and the exploration of the design space, particularly the best operating region (weak inversion/sub-threshold, moderate inversion, or strong inversion) for each transistor involved. We have mastered and automated this technique, which combined with the use of compact, physically-based MOS models (e.g. EKV and ACM) for transistor dimensioning, allow us to customize the best ASIC for your application with rapid time-to-market.

Among our areas of expertise are:

  • Low-noise/voltage/offset/power op-amps and comparators including automatic synthesis.
  • Low-offset, low-frequency, fully-integrated active filters (continuous and switched capacitors).
  • Ultra-Low-Power A/D and D/A converters.
  • Voltage multipliers and DC/DC converters.
  • Signal conditioning for sensors (e.g. accelerometers, photosensors).
  • Implantable ASICs for class III medical devices.
  • Design reliability aspects in integrated circuits.
  • Medium complexity logic.
  • Short-range RF circuit design.

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