NanoWattICs receives grant support from ANII to start development of its STIMPORTER (TM) Device for Painful DPN

The STIMPORTER Product (patent pending) is a non-invasive nerve stimulator for the treatment of painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN). It resembles a heat/cold skin patch that is applied in the lower leg or back. Besides its ease of use and wear, and rechargeable ultra-thin battery, its stimulation waveforms reduce undesired sensations often associated with transcutaneos stimulation and avoid therapy habituation. The grant "Prototipo de Potencial Innovador" obtained from the "Agencia Nacional de Investigacion e Innovacion (ANII)" will allow to commence development in collaboration with the Hospital de ClĂ­nicas "Dr. Manuel Quintela" for validation in DPN patients.

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